Why audio is important for your project

Imagine having the perfect wedding – all parts of your event go off without a hitch down to even the fine details. You are ecstatic that your dream day arrived and you avoided all mishaps. Wonderful! When you go back to look at your wedding video, you find that look great but when you try and hear those beautifully written vows, you are straining to hear the playback. 

You only have one shot to capture your big moment. The absence of good sound can ruin your ability to replay that special moment. On a big day like your wedding day, or any other special event, you should look for a company that you can count on to capture your audio professionally. There is a huge difference in the quality of sound which can be captured on a camera’s built-in microphone versus a professional external microphone. 

Your videographer should come equipped with a professional microphone, and a recording device which they use to capture important sound at your event, separately from the video camera’s microphone. Capturing your event’s audio separately will allow the videographer to better control the source of the sound they are recording (e.g., placing a microphone on the groom to capture every whisper between the couple during the ceremony). This will also allow the videographer the flexibility to record sound from multiple, separate sources which can be immensely helpful putting together your finished video. There is also the benefit of even reducing or eliminating unwanted background noises. 

Do not be afraid to ask your videographer if they have sound recording equipment for your event. You’ve only got one shot – don’t let bad audio ruin your video!

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