Top 3 things to look for when selecting your wedding photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer (or videographer) can be a difficult decision. You want to choose someone who is right for you and priced within your budget, which can make the task even harder. Here are a few tips to help you along the way in your decision-making. Remember, you only have one shot at capturing your special day! Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the right photographer to capture your wedding day.

Look for someone that makes you feel comfortable

Wedding planning is stressful enough. Do not add additional stress by selecting a photographer that you don’t feel relaxed around. Hiring your photographer shouldn’t be solely about their work – you could hire the greatest photographer, but if you do not feel comfortable around them it will be reflected in your pictures.

Be sure to be yourself when interacting with your photographer before booking. You should speak with them over the phone or in person before booking to ensure that you ‘click’ with them. Remember, they will be spending a long period of time with you and your loved ones on one of the most memorable days of your life… let that sink in.

Pick the right package and stay within budget!

When I got married, I almost missed out on having a videographer there to capture my day due to cost. Luckily my husband and I decided to add videography to our photography package, and we agree to this day that it was the BEST decision we made. Be sure to explore all of your package options with your photographer. Most photographers have add-ons for their packages and many also offer photo and video combination packages at an affordable rate, such as the Powerhouse Productions wedding photography and videography bundle (Starting at $799).

Also be sure to ask about add-ons for your package like photo books, photo prints, and more. A good photographer will work with you to customize your package to meet your needs while staying within your budget!

Ask yourself: would you recommend them?

Finally, before you sign on the dotted line, ask yourself if you would recommend the photographer’s services to your family and friends. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you have found a great match for your wedding day!

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